“Thunderstorms hit Southern California”, yet fail to dampen the spirits of those attending the 2014 LA Airport Hilton Hotel Literature and Memorabilia show, and the Phoenix Club’s Porsche show and swap meet…

“Thunderstorms hit Southern California”, yet fail to dampen the spirits of those attending the 2014 LA Airport Hilton Hotel Literature and Memorabilia show, and the Phoenix Club’s Porsche show and swap meet.

Below is an example of the crowd present for this years  LA Airport Hilton Hotel Literature and Memorabilia show. I was told by friends who had arrived early to be part of the paid “early entry” at 7AM, that they had never seen so many people show up for the early entry, and that the crowds at 9 AM were equally impressive.

One of two grand ballrooms_ LA Hilton Hotel & LA Airport Porsche & VW literature and Memorabilia Show_March 2, 2014

One of several display tables with an assortment of driving lights, fog and tail lights.

Driving, fog and tail light display table_ LA Hilton Hotel & LA Airport Porsche & VW literature and Memorabilia Show_March 2, 2014

Vintage Hella tail lights, application unknown. However, the Hella 128 fog lights (as noted by the price tag seen below) were optional on Porsche 911s dating back to 1966. It pains me to see the current asking price for a set of 128s, especially since I sold a pristine pair to a friend back in 1973 for $45.

Hella Tail light detail shot_ display table_ LA Hilton Hotel & LA Airport Porsche & VW literature and Memorabilia Show_March 2, 2014

Several rows over was another table full of favorites; car grill / badge bar commemorative plaques…

Grill /badge bar plaques_ display table_ LA Hilton Hotel & LA Airport Porsche & VW literature and Memorabilia Show_March 2, 2014

all very cool and expensive, with each possessing unique detail and color.

Grill / badge bar plaques_ detail shot_ LA Hilton Hotel & LA Airport Porsche & VW literature and Memorabilia Show_March 2, 2014

One of the nicest Porsche parts displays present (seen below), showcasing an unrivaled variety of Porsche 356 parts for sale, presented by the firm Stoddard NLA-LLC.

Stoddard parts display_ detail shot_ LA Hilton Hotel & LA Airport Porsche & VW literature and Memorabilia Show_March 2, 2014

The following day (Sunday) traditionally hosts a larger, outdoor swap meet and car show down in Orange County, at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim. In all of my years of attendance, this was the first time rain would impact the event. The Porsche community however is a hearty lot, so a little rain was not about to affect their show…

Front hood emblem on dark blue Porsche 911 Carrera_rain drops & emblem_Phoenix Club Car show & Swap_March 3, 2014

Dark blue Porsche 911 Carrera_headlight, fender and hood shot with raindrops_Phoenix Club Car show & Swap_March 3, 2014

An early 911 headlight (below), equipped with a European spec, amber French lens.

Silver long hood Porsche 911_headlight with French amber lens_Phoenix Club Car show & Swap_March 3, 2014

One highly visible, glow in the rain Porsche 930 turbo.

Day glow yellow Porsche 930 turbo_side view & reflections_Phoenix Club Car show & Swap_March 3, 2014

One rain drenched Porsche super car; the rare Type 959. Even at rest, the rain sheets right off…

Black Porsche 959_front view with rain tracks_Phoenix Club Car show & Swap_March 3, 2014

One of the Porsche 356 representatives present, showing no apprehension regarding the morning rain.

Turquoise green Porsche 356_3/4 front detail view with raindrops_Phoenix Club Car show & Swap_March 3, 2014

Proof that water does bead up on highly waxed surfaces.

Turquoise green Porsche 356_ front hood handle / badge detail and hood with raindrops_Phoenix Club Car show & Swap_March 3, 2014

Representing the early long hood community, was this beautifully prepared Beige Gray 1968 Porsche 911.

Beige Gray 1968 Porsche 911_ 3/4 side view_Phoenix Club Car show & Swap_March 3, 2014

Rear decklid and side stripes with a rally sport inspired graphic treatment; could these graphics be the handiwork of werkcrew founder Bob Tilton?

Beige Gray 1968 Porsche 911_ rear deckled detail_Phoenix Club Car show & Swap_March 3, 2014

The equally impressive, rally / race inspired motor.

Beige Gray 1968 Porsche 911_ Motor detail shot_Phoenix Club Car show & Swap_March 3, 2014

More proof that Southern California Porsche owners drive their cars in the rain…

Bright blue Porsche 911 Carrera_ hood badge and raindrop detail_Phoenix Club Car show & Swap_March 3, 2014

and the rest of the car covered by the morning rain.

Bright blue Porsche 911 Carrera_ 3/4 rear view_Phoenix Club Car show & Swap_March 3, 2014

Several of the early morning arrivals, parked up close to the building and protected from the majority of the rain showers.

Early Porsche 911s_ orange 1970s 911T, 1973  Blue 911S_3/4 rear view_Phoenix Club Car show & Swap_March 3, 2014

A pair of Porsche GTs staged out in the rain; a 1972 911 GT and the rally prepared,1970 914-6…

Porsche GTs_white 1972 911 GT, yellow 1970 914-6 GT_3/4 front view_Phoenix Club Car show & Swap_March 3, 2014

The real deal; a close up view of true 914-6 GT factory fender flares.

Yellow 1970 Porsche 914-6 GT_fender flare detail_Phoenix Club Car show & Swap_March 3, 2014

Proof of this vehicles pedigree; a record of its previous participant and survivor status in the Panama / Alaska Rally.

Yellow 1970 Porsche 914-6 GT_rear deckled rally plaque, raindrops & reflections_Phoenix Club Car show & Swap_March 3, 2014

One of the early 911S models on display at this years show…

Burgundy long hood Porsche 911S_3/4 front view with raindrops_Phoenix Club Car show & Swap_March 3, 2014

complete with a recent acquisition by the owner, proudly displayed on the dash.

Burgundy long hood Porsche 911S_356 model displayed on dashtop_Phoenix Club Car show & Swap_March 3, 2014

This burgundy 911S was also one of the few Porsches at the show equipped with a roof mounted, Leitz brand luggage rack.

Burgundy long hood Porsche 911S_rear view with raindrops_Phoenix Club Car show & Swap_March 3, 2014

One of the local RGruppe members, displaying a variety of magnetic vinyl club event plaques on his front hood.

White 911T_RGRuppe with Martini stripes_front view_Phoenix Club Car show & Swap_March 3, 2014

One rain-soaked rear decklid, wrapped in Martini racing graphics.

White 911T_RGRuppe with Martini stripes_rear deckled with raindrops_Phoenix Club Car show & Swap_March 3, 2014

Below, further evidence of the morning drizzle…

Irish green backdated 1986 Porsche 3.2 911 Carrera_front hood, badge and raindrops_Phoenix Club Car show & Swap_March 3, 2014

on what initially appeared to be an early 1970s vintage Porsche 911. However, upon closer inspection it became obvious that this car was actually a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Concealed beneath its skin lurked a 1986 3.2 liter, Porsche 911 Carrera having undergone a conversion known as “backdating”. That effort combined with the visually correct, optional front and rear bumper overriders, created a convincing 1970s appearing Porsche 911.

Irish green backdated 1986 Porsche 3.2 911 Carrera_front view_Phoenix Club Car show & Swap_March 3, 2014

Suspicions confirmed… and itemized.

Irish green backdated 1986 Porsche 3.2 911 Carrera_backdating shopping list_Phoenix Club Car show & Swap_March 3, 2014

A convincing re-spray, in period correct Irish green.

Irish green backdated 1986 Porsche 3.2 911 Carrera_3/4 rear view_Phoenix Club Car show & Swap_March 3, 2014

One of the apparent casualties of the morning rain; a shrunken Porsche 550 Spyder, reduced in size and now able to fit into the bed of a single cab VW type 2, being displayed by the folks from fibersteel.

Silver Porsche 550 Spyder pedal car_fibersteel_side view_Phoenix Club Car show & Swap_March 3, 2014

Even with rain impacting this years event, there was still a huge turnout, illustrating the impact that this event holds for the Southern California Porsche community. And based upon the variety of different foreign accents overheard during the weekend, it’s easy to see the wide reaching pull that this event has on Porsche fans from around the globe.

The next event coming up for the Southern California Porsche community will be the California Festival of Speed, at the Auto Club Speedway, in Fontana, California from April 4-6. Let’s all hope for a warm sunny weekend…

(All photos by the author)

“Sky Blue and Black”; An unexpected visit by #00, Interscope Racings 1978 Porsche 935

“Sky Blue and Black”; An unexpected visit by #00,  Interscope Racings 1978 Porsche 935. And what a surprise it was.

As the sun began to rise, word spread quickly that someone brought a Porsche 935 to the event, and now it was parked near the entrance to the overflow lot. It became obvious as to the car’s location, judging by the gathered crowd.

Being a big fan of  Porsche 935s, I was eager to check out the mystery Porsche.  As I approached, I immediately recognized this particular 935, having chased it through the viewfinder of my camera at IMSA races throughout the late 1970s and into the 80s.

Interscope Racing 1978 Porsche 935_front view_cars&coffee/irvine_February 15, 2014

Interscope Racing… Southern California’s own and Newport Beach, California-based race team, which successfully fielded a pair of Porsche 935s from 1977 to 1982. The two car team consisted of car #0, piloted by team owner Ted Field, with the second car (#00) driven by teammate Danny Ongais. Danny “On the gas” Ongais was no stranger to motorsports, having started out in the NHRA, driving top fuel dragsters in the mid 1960s. From there he graduated to racing Indy cars, and then in 1977 began racing Porsches with and for Ted Field.

The Porsche 935 seen below was raced by Danny Ongais in 1978 in the IMSA series as part of the Interscope team. It is currently owned by one of the partners at TruSpeed, a local Costa Mesa, CA based Motorsports company, and here it was, making its debut at cars&coffee, showcasing its recent restoration.

Interscope Racing 1978 Porsche 935_3/4 front view_cars&coffee/irvine_February 15, 2014

Standard issue on the Porsche 935; Gold, three piece modular center lock BBS race wheels, in this case shod with present day Michelin race rubber (Goodyear tires having been the dominate brand raced back in 1978).

Interscope Racing 1978 Porsche 935_Gold BBS racing wheel & reflections_cars&coffee/irvine_February 15, 2014

In talking with the staff from TruSpeed, I learned that the car had spent time the previous week being put through its paces at the Chuckwalla Valley Raceway, in Desert Center, California. Present for this shakedown, and handling tuning duties, was none other than Dieter Inzenhofer, one of the three founding partners of Andial, which became the premier race shop for building winning 935 motors for the IMSA series through the 1970s and 1980s. All of this work was  in preparation for a trip to Sebring, Florida, to compete in an upcoming historic / vintage car race scheduled to take place in early March.

Interscope Racing 1978 Porsche 935_3/4 rear view_cars&coffee/irvine_February 15, 2014

Interscope Racing 1978 Porsche 935_Gold BBS rear race wheel & fender reflections_cars&coffee/irvine_February 15, 2014

Flawless, concours quality paint finish, perfect for reflecting one’s surroundings.

Interscope Racing 1978 Porsche 935_rear fender reflections_cars&coffee/irvine_February 15, 2014

Bi- level, Porsche 935 specific rear wing and fender, complete with trademark Interscope tri-colored graphic striping.

Interscope Racing 1978 Porsche 935_rear wing detail & fender reflections_cars&coffee/irvine_February 15, 2014

(Below) A view familiar to its many competitors back in the day; the full width, rear wing complete with Interscope graphics, massive Porsche 935 rear fenders, and centrally located, dual exhaust and peripheral waste-gates.

Interscope Racing 1978 Porsche 935_rear view_cars&coffee/irvine_February 15, 2014

A bugs-eye view of the twin turbo set-up, with centrally located, converging dual exhaust and the laterally positioned, dual boost wastegates.

Interscope Racing 1978 Porsche 935_bugs eye view of twin turbo motor & dual wastegates_cars&coffee/irvine_February 15, 2014

Interscope Racing 1978 Porsche 935_side view_cars&coffee/irvine_February 15, 2014

The classic silhouette of the Porsche 935, and the iconic tri -colored striping of Interscope #00, restored and ready to once again compete with its rivals within the ranks of the Historic racing community. Best of luck to the entire TruSpeed team on your upcoming competitions.

(All photos by the author)

Where else but in Southern California…

Where else but in Southern California could you wake up early on a Saturday morning, drive to a car show and come face to face with a collection of Porsche race cars like those pictured below.

1966 Porsche Carrera 906 &1970 Porsche 917 recreation_3/4 front view_cars&coffee/irvine_January 25, 2014

However, before the morning was over, the open space to the left of the Carrera 6 (Type 906) would be filled, and the white Porsche 928 to the far right would bow out to make way for a 914-6 GT race car. A rumor circulating that morning was that a Porsche 911R was on its way to the show, its intended parking space next to the 906 Carrera. Half an hour later, that rumor became a reality, as a white 1967 Porsche 911R, with its distinct exhaust note, pulled up to the featured lot and took its place alongside its Porsche brethren.

1967 Porsche 911R #001, 1966 906, 1970 917 recreation and 928_group photo_cars&coffee/irvine_january 25, 2014

Given the rarity of the Porsche 911R model (just four pre production prototypes were produced, followed by a limited production run of only 20 models). Just seeing one in person is epic, however, this particular 911R (pictured above and below) takes epic to a completely different level, due to its historical significance.

This particular 911R is currently undergoing restoration by the Torrance, California shop of Callas Rennsport. A clue to this cars origins can be found displayed on each door. Have you figured it out? If not, for those unfamiliar with the Porsche 911R, I’ve included a brief history regarding this limited production model, as well as details specific to the 911R captured at cars&coffee:

The  911R was a purpose-built vehicle that came out of Ferdinand Piech’s experimental department at Porsche in the spring of 1967. An initial batch of four prototypes were produced, all ultra light weight examples based upon Porsche’s 911, each capable of demonstrating their competition potential in both under rally and GT based racing conditions. Each prototype started life as a standard 911, however lighter weight, thinner gauge steel panels were substituted for the chassis stampings where feasible. Body panels were fabricated using both fiberglass and aluminum, to maintain a stock appearance, and contribute to overall weight reduction efforts. All of the windows were also put on a diet, with all side and rear windows produced in Plexiglass. Even the windshields were included, and made as thin and light weight as possible. The stock front vent windows were replaced by fixed panels, with each incorporating a single round, aircraft sourced pop out vent (as seen below).

1967 Porsche 911R #001_fixed front quarter window with circular push out vent_cars&coffee/irvine_january 25, 2014

Each rear quarter window, in addition to being produced in plexiglass, included a set of louvers to aid with interior ventilation.

1967 Porsche 911R #001_rear quarter window with louvers _cars&coffee/irvine_january 25, 2014

1967 Porsche 911R #001_3/4 front view_cars&coffee/irvine_january 25, 2014

The 911Rs potent 1991 cc race motor (delivering 201 HP), came complete with dual ignition, 46mm Weber carburetors (complete with water shields), and smaller diameter cooling fan with the natural finished, fiberglass cooling shroud ( as seen below). Power is delivered through a 5-speed transmission, linked to a ZF limited slip differential. These components had been sourced from another of Porsches successful race cars, in this case the Carrera 6 (Type 906). Ironically, on this morning the white Porsche race car (#11) parked to the right of the 911R, just happened to be a Carrera 906…

1967 Porsche 911R #001_1991 cc race motor, 3/4 rear view_cars&coffee/irvine_january 25, 2014

Visible just to the left of the fan is the massive, twin plug distributer, sparked by the dual, blue Bosch coils. Fuel delivery is provided by the dual Bendix fuel pumps as seen below.

1967 Porsche 911R #001_1991 cc race motor_ dual Bosch coils and Bendix fuel pumps_cars&coffee/irvine_january 25, 2014

Porsche’s abbreviated tail light design, created for and utilized solely by the 911R.

1967 Porsche 911R #001_the original 911R rear tail light assembly and reflector- Detail view_cars&coffee/irvine_january 25, 2014

(Below) A freshly restored, fiberglass rear deck lid with integral rear mesh grill, left unpainted on the underside, as originally delivered.

1967 Porsche 911R #001_restored rear fiberglass decklid_inside detail _cars&coffee/irvine_january 25, 2014

This 911Rs first taste of competition came on July 23, 1967, in a 330 mile race in Mugello, Italy. In its debut event, piloted by Vic Elford and Giis van Lennup, this 911R finished third, behind two Porsche 910s and ahead of a Ford GT Mk IV. Then in late October of 1967, this very 911R was called up to the big leagues. A Swiss race team was at Monza (Italy), attempting to set world and 2.0 liter class records for distance and speed, driving a Porsche Carrera 6 (906). Unfortunately, the 906 experienced suspension problems after 12 hours into its quest. Sponsors for this record-setting attempt were BP and Firestone, and to honor this sponsorship commitment, the Swiss team contacted Stuttgart regarding a replacement car in order to continue their record-setting attempt. Porsche responded back, stating that they could send a 911R as the replacement, confident in its capabilities to meet the teams needs.The 911R was then driven from Stuttgart, and delivered to the waiting team at Monza. After being loaded up with the spare parts required for this type of event, the car was sent onto the track, to begin its record-setting attempt. The following four drivers would take turns behind the wheel of the 911R over the duration of the attempt: Rico Steinemann, Jo Seiffert, Dieter Spoerry and Charles Vogele. Over the next six continuous days, the 911R was run flat-out, and succeeded in setting eleven time and distance records in the 2.0 liter class, as well as posting five world records at 15,000 kilometers, 10,000 miles, 20,000  kilometers, 72 hours and 90 hours. Their average speed recorded at the end of the six-day run, (of over 20,000 kilometers), was 130.02 mph. All of these records were accomplished by the 911R seen here, recorded as chassis No.118 990 001. This chassis came to be noted by Porsche as the very first “production model” out of their limited run of twenty cars, thus establishing this individual car’s historical significance.

1967 Porsche 911R #001_3/4 side view with hood and rear deckled opened _cars&coffee/irvine_january 25, 2014

Front wheel detail; the 911Rs “deep six” X 15 inch, Fuchs 5 spoke alloy wheel, wrapped in Firestone rubber. Rear wheels measured 7 inch X 15.

1967 Porsche 911R #001_front wheel,deep six fuchs alloy wheel, clad  in Firestone rubber _cars&coffee/irvine_january 25, 2014

Seeing is believing; the powerful, dual lamp Bosch H1 headlight, with 911R specific front running lights, and its unique front air intake, designed to provide cooling air for the dual oil coolers tucked into each front fender.

1967 Porsche 911R #001_Bosch H1 headlight with model specific running lights _cars&coffee/irvine_january 25, 2014

1967 Porsche 911R #001_3/4 front view with opened front hood _cars&coffee/irvine_january 25, 2014

The highly detailed front trunk, with its prominently placed fabricated steel fuel tank with central filler, and the welded in place, front shock tower strut bar. Located directly below, are the dual set of hard lines linked to each front fender mounted oil cooler, providing cooled oil for the motor. Also visible is the restored underside of the front fiberglass hood, showcasing its natural, unpainted finish, as originally produced back in 1967.

1967 Porsche 911R #001_restored front trunk_ front view _cars&coffee/irvine_january 25, 2014

1967 Porsche 911R #001_restored front trunk_ 3/4 front view _cars&coffee/irvine_january 25, 2014

Another of the design features unique to the 911R; the rear fender mounted, dry sump oil tank filler with exposed cap. This very feature would reappear in 1972 (the dry sump oil tank moved forward to in front of the right rear wheel, for the supposed benefit of better weight balance), as a one year only feature found on all 911 models.

1967 Porsche 911R #001_ 3/4 rear view _cars&coffee/irvine_january 25, 2014

During this cars world record-setting run, the team back in Zuffenhausen had begun work on their initial batch of 20 “production 911R” models. Due to the limited production nature of this model, Porsche had contracted with an outside firm (Karl Bauer of Stuttgart), for the production of the bodies. Porsche ended up making a series of minor changes to their production run of 20 vehicles, when compared to the spec for their four prototype 911Rs. These variations would consist of the following: the production versions all had body parts manufactured from normal thickness steel. The windshield glass was specified at 4 mm thick, while the remainder of the windows were specified as 2mm thick Plexiglass. Up front, one major departure from the prototypes was the piercing of the front hood, providing access to the central mounted fuel filler and cap. In regards to the 911R suspension, the production models were equipped with Koni shocks and anti roll bars similar to those found on the Porsche 911S model, and had their suspension ride heights set lower by two inches. Subtle changes made to the motor consisted of the use of Weber 46IDA3C1, triple throat carburetors. Transaxles could now be configured from two unique final drive ratio offered. Standard body color for the 911R was white, unless the builders were given a three weeks advance notice of a desired color change. Upon completion, the finished production 911R weighed in a full 450 pounds less than a stock 911S. Ironically, its final weight of 1810 pounds (for the production 911R) was only 45 pounds heavier than its much lighter 911R prototype siblings. Unfortunately, plans by Porsche to produce additional runs of 911R models never materialized, so fans and collectors were left with only 24 cars to relish. On a personal note, I have been fortunate enough within the last year, to have seen two out of the final 20 production 911Rs in person (#001 and #017). To view 911R # 017, please use this link to access one of my previous blog posts…

1967 Porsche 911R #001_ 3/4 front view with 917 in background _cars&coffee/irvine_january 25, 2014

As I noted earlier, after the white Porsche 928 had moved over one space to make room for the 914-6 GT (pictured below), those in attendance were now treated to a rare assemblage of Porsche race cars. Was it a coincidence then, that this gathering took place on the very same day as the start of the 2014 24 Hours of Daytona race?

1970 Signal Orange Lufthansa Porsche 914-6 GT with Porsche race cars_ 3/4 group shot_cars&coffee/irvine_january 25, 2014

1970 Porsche Salzburg 917 recreation_ rear view_cars&coffee/irvine_january 25, 2014

1970 Signal Orange Lufthansa Porsche 914-6 GT with Porsche race cars_ 3/4 front view_cars&coffee/irvine_january 25, 2014 This particular Porsche, the Lufthansa sponsored 1970 914-6 GT, serial # 914 043 1415, also possesses a unique history. Not only is it one of only eleven team cars built, but it also holds several records set during the 1970 Nurburgring 1000KM race. In addition to finishing second in class, this 914-6 GT also set the fastest lap time, and now here it was on display 44 years later, looking like it had just rolled out of the Race Department at Porsche.

1970 Signal Orange Lufthansa Porsche 914-6 GT with Porsche race cars_ 3/4 rear group shot_cars&coffee/irvine_january 25, 2014

The power source for the mid engined 914-6 GT; as seen below, its immaculately prepared, 2.0 liter twin plug boxer six, also derived from the Porsche Carrera 6 (906).

1970 Signal Orange Lufthansa Porsche 914-6 GT with Porsche race cars_ motor detail_cars&coffee/irvine_january 25, 2014

1970 Signal Orange Lufthansa Porsche 914-6 GT with Porsche race cars_ rear view_cars&coffee/irvine_january 25, 2014

Another example of the ” European market only” rear badging, with the circular Porsche badge used to cover up the stock rear trunk lid lock location, removed for racing and replaced by a pair of rubber hold downs as seen above and below.

1970 Signal Orange Lufthansa Porsche 914-6 GT _ europe only rear badging_cars&coffee/irvine_january 25, 2014

California has long been considered a hotbed for all things Porsche, and it never fails to deliver up a multitude of treasures hidden away in garages and the private collections housed throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. Surprises can vary from Porsche street cars to the rare and in some cases, seldom seen Porsche race cars. And what makes this particular venue so amazing, is that one never knows what jewels will make their debut from week to week, to an always appreciative crowd.

(All photos by the author)

Heavy crowds, no rain, Porsches out in force and a few other surprises; the first cars&coffee/Irvine of 2014

Saturday morning, January 4, 2014 dawned cool and clear, good weather I thought for the first cars&coffee of 2014. However, on my drive down to Irvine and just as I passed Anaheim, I was greeted by a dense fog bank that had descended across the freeway. My immediate concern was that this fog was going to remain for the remainder of my drive. A couple of miles further south, the fog broke and once again I had a clear view. But unfortunately, as I approached Irvine, and starting at the Sand Canyon off ramp, the fog reappeared, now draped over the entire region. So under the cover of fog, I arrived at cars&coffee. Much to my surprise, Porsche row was almost completely filled, and it was just 6AM !  I was lucky enough to snag one of the last two remaining parking spaces on the row. And keeping with tradition, my first stop was for my weekly donut and hot chocolate, and on this morning, hopefully it would be enough to fend off the damp, foggy morning. After grabbing my camera, it was time to begin my search for awaiting treasures.

An extensive cache of Porsches assembled along Porsche row (below).

Guards Red 1987 Porsche 911 Carrera and friends_Porsche row_side view_Cars&Coffee/Irvine_January 4, 2014

Black Porsche 997 GT3 with cup wing on Porsche row_3/4 rear view_Cars&Coffee/Irvine_January 4, 2014

Black Porsche 993 on Porsche row_3/4 rear view_Cars&Coffee/Irvine_January 4, 2014

Black Porsche 993 on Porsche row_front fender reflections_Cars&Coffee/Irvine_January 4, 2014

Black Porsche 997 GT3 with cup wing on Porsche row_3/4 side view_Cars&Coffee/Irvine_January 4, 2014

DSC_0165 - Version 2

Red Porsche 911S & White 911Carrera on Porsche row_3/4 front view_Cars&Coffee/Irvine_January 4, 2014

A return visit by the special order, Riviera Blue 2014 Porsche 991 coupe, wearing its Aerokit Cup option package.

Black 1994 Porsche 964 targa and 2014 991 Riviera Blue 911 coupe_3/4 rear view_Cars&Coffee/Irvine_January 4, 2014

2014 991 Riviera Blue 911 coupe_front view_Cars&Coffee/Irvine_January 4, 2014

With the return of heavy crowds and no rain, those cars arriving late were relegated to the overflow lot. The following photos represent several very cool Porsches that found themselves redirected to the overflow space.

The first Porsche encountered was the charcoal gray 930 turbo below.

Charcoal Gray Porsche 930 Turbo_overflow lot_3/4 front view_Cars&Coffee/Irvine_January 4, 2014

Charcoal Gray Porsche 930 Turbo_overflow lot_3/4 rear view_Cars&Coffee/Irvine_January 4, 2014

Charcoal Gray Porsche 930 Turbo_reflection in black Honda door_Cars&Coffee/Irvine_January 4, 2014

The second Porsche was the 997 GT3 seen below, complete with an extensive graphics wrap.

White Porsche 997 GT3 with graphics wrap_3/4 front view_overflow lot_Cars&Coffee/Irvine_January 4, 2014

White Porsche 997 GT3 with graphics wrap_3/4 rear view_overflow lot_Cars&Coffee/Irvine_January 4, 2014

Back on Porsche row, a friends signal red 1966 911, having shed its Fuchs 5 spoke alloy wheels for a set of original issue, period correct 4 -1/2″ X 15″ steel wheels.

Signal Red 1966 Porsche 911 on Porsche row_3/4 side view_Cars&Coffee/Irvine_January 4, 2014

Given the number of cars assembled each week, it helps to have friends who walk the rows, and check out the cars present. That way, if something really catches their attention, they are nice enough to share their discoveries with me for photographic consideration. That was exactly how I learned of the Koenigsegg CCX, parked out in the back rows of the lot. I had only seen the car in magazines, so this was my first time seeing one in person. Not knowing much about the details relating to this car, I decided some research was in order.

I quickly learned that the mid engined super car seen below was manufactured in Angelholm, Sweden and that this was a CCX model, and equipped with the optional rear spoiler. The CCX designation stands for “Competition Coupe 10”, celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the first Koenigsegg competition coupe produced. The CCX model was produced from 2006 through 2010, with only 14 CCX models delivered.

Silver Koenigsegg CCX coupe_3/4 front view_Cars&Coffee/Irvine_January 4, 2014

Located beneath the rear glass window, is the Koenigsegg’s aluminum, DOHC 4.7 liter, twin supercharged V8, producing 806 bhp. Power is transferred to the rear wheels by a 6- speed transmission, reported to be good for delivering a top speed of 245 mph.

Silver Koenigsegg CCX coupe_rear view_Cars&Coffee/Irvine_January 4, 2014

The 12 spoke wheels found on the CCX are a unique Konigsegg design, and sized 9.5″ X 19″ up front, 12.5″ X 20″ out back. Grip is provided by a set of Michelin Pilot sport tires, with stopping power provided by a set of Brembo 8 piston calipers up front, and AP racing calipers out back.

Silver Koenigsegg CCX coupe_3/4 rear view_Cars&Coffee/Irvine_January 4, 2014

Another exotic parked only several rows away was the Ferrari F12Berlinetta seen below.

Charcoal gray (grigio silverstone) Ferrari F12 Berlinetta__front view_Cars&Coffee/Irvine_January 4, 2014

At first glance, I thought it to be a Ferrari 599, but as I got closer, I realized that it was in fact a brand new F12Berlinetta. Ferrari designed the F12 as the replacement for their 599 model, with production initiated in 2012. Propulsion for this model is provided by a 6.3 liter, V-12 motor, producing 730 horsepower, able to deliver a top speed of 210 + mph.

Charcoal gray (grigio silverstone) Ferrari F12 Berlinetta__3/4 side view_Cars&Coffee/Irvine_January 4, 2014

The wheel / tire combination for the F12Berlinetta is as follows: Front tires are 255/35ZR20, mounted to a 9.5J X 20 wheel. The rear tires are sized at 315/35ZR20, and  mounted to rear wheels measuring 11.5J X 20. Stopping power is provided by Ferrari’s Carbon Ceramic brake system (CCM), and on this particular car equipped with brake calipers painted Giallo Modena (yellow).

Charcoal gray (grigio silverstone) Ferrari F12 Berlinetta__wheel & brake details_Cars&Coffee/Irvine_January 4, 2014

Charcoal gray (grigio silverstone) Ferrari F12 Berlinetta_rear view_Cars&Coffee/Irvine_January 4, 2014

My last stop of the morning was to check out one of my personal favorites: the brilliant orange 2007 911 GT3RS seen below.

Orange 2007 Porsche 911 GT3RS_front view_ Cars&Coffee/Irvine_January 4, 2014

Representing one of the amazing branches in the Porsche GT3RS family tree…

Orange 2007 Porsche 911 GT3RS_3/4 side view_ Cars&Coffee/Irvine_January 4, 2014

purpose built and exuding cool from every angle.

Orange 2007 Porsche 911 GT3RS_3/4 rear side view_ Cars&Coffee/Irvine_January 4, 2014

As southern California continues to enjoy its uncharacteristically warm winter, and with no rain in sight, the crowds at cars&coffee continue to grow each week. As a result, arrival time ( 6 AM or earlier) has become increasingly important. A late arrival will result in bing directed to the overflow lot. At least it’s better than being unable to enter the show at all because of overcrowding. Given the forecast of another weekend of warm weather, this coming Saturday morning promises to be a repeat of the last; bursting at the seams with truly amazing cars.

(All photos by the author)

“Let’s do the time warp again”…

Looking back over 2013, it had become increasing apparent to me that during my weekly participation at my local cars&coffee event, I had witnessed a phenomenon resembling that of a time warp. This realization became even more obvious during my shooting of the car seen below.

1959 Porsche 356A coupe_3/4 front view_cars&coffee_December 28, 2013

As I viewed the image on my camera’s rear display, suddenly time appeared to be moving in slow motion. After taking a second shot, I immediately noticed the effect had now become even more pronounced.

1959 Porsche 356A coupe_3/4 front view time lapse_cars&coffee_December 21, 2013

Had time truly slowed down or was I speeding up? Or had I been transported back in time, and was now viewing this beautiful 1959 356A coupe in the past tense? Looking around, I could see a number of other Porsche models assembled, including a rare 1966 Porsche 906 race car. Anchoring the other end of this family tree was a pair of brand new, 2014 Porsche 911 Turbo S models.

The following photos illustrate a variety of Porsche models one can encounter on any given Saturday morning at cars&coffee/Irvine. However, you can also discover a multitude of other brands and their respective models, represented by both vintage as well as the most current models.

A frequent cars&coffee participant seen below: the impressive 1966 Porsche 906 race car.

1966 Porsche 906 Carrera_ front view_cars&coffee_December 28, 2013

Low slung doesn’t even begin to describe the height of this race car, when compared to the red Porsche 911 parked alongside.

1966 Porsche 906 Carrera_ 3/4 front view_cars&coffee_December 28, 2013

The weekly lineup of early Porsche 911s parked along Porsche row, anchored by one pristine, Viper Green 1973 Porsche 911S.

Viper Green 1973 Porsche 911S_side view, group photo_cars&coffee_ December 28, 2013

An up close view of the scarce yet highly desirable, European Bosch H1 dual bulb headlight.

Viper Green 1973 Porsche 911S_Bosch H1 headlight detail_cars&coffee_ December 28, 2013

Further down Porsche row, a pair of modified, early 1970s Porsche 911s, both representatives of the RGruppe.

Grand Prix white 1972  Porsche 911GT_3/4 front view_cars&coffee_ December 14, 2013

Grand Prix white 1972  Porsche 911GT_3/4 side view_cars&coffee_ December 14, 2013

On this morning, participants were rewarded by the presence of two true supercars. Representing Porsche, dressed in GT silver, was a Carrera GT, produced from 2004 – 2007, with only 1270 built. Representing Ferrari, and parked immediately in front of the Carrera GT, was the brilliant red Ferrari F40. The Ferrari F40 model was built from 1987 – 1992, also in very limited quantities. This car represents one of only 1315 Ferrari F40 models produced.

GT Silver Porsche Carrera GT_3/4 rear view_cars&coffee_December 21, 2013

A peek into the Carrera GT’s leather wrapped interior…

GT Silver Porsche Carrera GT_interior view_cars&coffee_December 21, 2013

and out back, its exposed 5.7 liter, 612 HP V10 motor, flanked by its visible rear suspension components.

GT Silver Porsche Carrera GT_engine & rear suspension detail_cars&coffee_December 21, 2013

The Carrera GT’s rear deck lid, complete with contoured, protective mesh grills, and dual NACA ducts.

GT Silver Porsche Carrera GT_rear deckled mesh detail_cars&coffee_December 21, 2013

Christmas 2013 arrived early for the two lucky owners of the pair of  2014 Porsche 911 turbo S models. First up is the 2014 Guards Red 911 Turbo S coupe below…

2014 Guards Red Porsche 911 Turbo S_side view_cars&coffee_December 21, 2013

2014 Guards Red Porsche 911 Turbo S_3/4 rear view _cars&coffee_December 21, 2013

2014 Guards Red Porsche 911 Turbo S_3/4 side view_cars&coffee_December 21, 2013

A fraction of its reported top speed of 197 mph…

2014 Guards Red Porsche 911 Turbo S_drivers side window reflection_cars&coffee_December 21, 2013

Lurking in the shadows was the second of the 2014 Porsche 911 Turbo S models present, this one dressed in white.

2014 White Porsche 911 Turbo S_3/4 front view_cars&coffee_December 21, 2013

The unique center lock, 20 ” forged, bright polished Turbo S wheel, framing the PCCB brake components, and highlighted by the systems signature yellow brake caliper.

2014 White Porsche 911 Turbo S_centerlock wheel with PCCB brake system_cars&coffee_December 21, 2013

2014 White Porsche 911 Turbo S_rear wing & badging detail_cars&coffee_December 21, 2013

2014 White Porsche 911 Turbo S_3/4 rear view_cars&coffee_December 21, 2013

As the event wound down, I realized that after viewing a multitude of cars each week representing Porsche, Merced Benz, BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Chevrolet, Ford, Lotus, Jaguar, Mazda, Nissan and many others, and regardless of ones favorite make or model, you too can experience the time warp phenomenon simply by attending. So for 2014, if you haven’t yet experienced cars&coffee, come on down and “let’s do the time warp again”.

(All photos by the author)

Oh say can you see, by the dawn’s early light…

As a by-product of the unusually cold, clear mornings that Southern California has been experiencing, mother nature has produced some amazing lighting, which in turn translates to the beautiful highlights and reflections draped across a variety of vehicles present at cars&coffee/Irvine.

The following photos represent yet another opportunity for me to study and record the unique automotive highlights, reflections and illuminated details, as represented by the photos below…

Silver Porsche 356 A outlaw coupe_rear deckled, louvers & reflections_cars&coffee_November 30, 2013

Rear deck lid with punched in louvers in classic “356 Outlaw” style.

Silver Porsche 356 A outlaw coupe_saddle leather interior and door reflections_cars&coffee_November 30, 2013

An incredible interior produced in saddle colored leather (as seen above). The scent of the leather instantly reminded me of sitting in my grandfather’s 1950’s vintage Mercedes-Benz cabriolet as a little kid, surrounded by its aromatic, red leather interior.

Silver Porsche 356 A outlaw coupe_fender mounted rear view mirror reflections_cars&coffee_November 30, 2013

Even the fuel tank located in the front trunk ( below) was finished to the same level of detail as the silver exterior. The finish on the fuel tank shone like a mirror, recreating the images of the sky and cloud cover floating overhead.

Silver Porsche 356 A outlaw coupe_front trunk with gas tank reflections_cars&coffee_November 30, 2013

A brand new 2014 Porsche 991 coupe, resplendent in Riviera Blue. According to the owner (who arranged for european delivery of this special order Type 991), and upon receipt of his car in Stuttgart, was told by Porsche that this is the only 991 that has been painted Riviera Blue… how cool is that!

2014 Riviera Blue Porsche 991 with Aerokit Cup option_3/4 front view_cars&coffee/irvine_November 30, 2013

Highlights and cloud reflections…

2014 Riviera Blue Porsche 991 with Aerokit Cup option_ front hood with cloud reflections_cars&coffee/irvine_November 30, 2013

A close-up view of the 2014 Porsche big red calipers and massive cross drilled rotors, wrapped by a 20 inch Carrera S wheel, complete in its painted (optional) Platinum Satin finish.

2014 Riviera Blue Porsche 991 with Aerokit Cup option_ 20" Carrera S wheel in Platinum Satin finish and big red brake caliper_cars&coffee/irvine_November 30, 2013

A view of the optional Aerokit Cup package rear wing, and selected (optional) “Porsche 911” rear badging.

2014 Riviera Blue Porsche 991 with Aerokit Cup option_ rear view of rear wing and optional 911 badging with cloud reflections_cars&coffee/irvine_November 30, 2013

Parked among the group along Porsche row were multiple examples of 1970s vintage 914 models. In this case, the front hood of a restored tangerine colored Porsche 914-6, bathed in reflections.

tangerine colored Porsche 914-6_ front hood reflections_cars&coffee/irvine_November 30, 2013

My next stop would be at the Featured lot, where on this morning I encountered the stunning Jaguar XK-150 roadster seen below, parked amidst a row of Corvettes, and reflecting on its surroundings.

British Racing Green Jaguar XK-150_ front end reflections_cars&coffee/irvine_November 30, 2013

A close up of the XK-150s hood ornament and front grill badging.

British Racing Green Jaguar XK-150_ hood emblem, partial grill & reflections_cars&coffee/irvine_November 30, 2013

On the other side of the Featured lot were these two, brand new 2014 Porsche 991s courtesy of Walter’s Porsche from Riverside. The 911 Carrera 4S cabriolet as seen below, turned out to have been painted a very unique, and special order color. The color in question turned out to be Stone Gray, which was originally offered as a “special order color”, during the 1957 through 1959 Porsche 356 model years.

2014 Stone gray Porsche 991 Carrera 4S_ 3/4 front view_cars&coffee/irvine_November 30, 2013

Another visible cue used for identifying a Type 991 Carrera 4S; the red, horizontal reflector strip, bridging the gap between the rear tail lights, and inset just below the rear deck lid.

2014 Stone gray Porsche 991 Carrera 4S_ rear view with reflections view_cars&coffee/irvine_November 30, 2013

Making a rare appearance at cars&coffee was this black (Nero Pastello) Ferrari 599 as seen below. One could not ask for a better color on a 599, for showcasing the incredible reflections wrapping themselves across the striking contours of the bodywork.

Black Ferrari 599 coupe_front view_cars&coffee/irvine_November 30, 2013

Even the side mirrors held surprises for anyone willing to stop and take the time to study the variety of details found across the Ferrari.

Black Ferrari 599 coupe_side mirror reflections_cars&coffee/irvine_November 30, 2013

The Ferrari 599 stealth fighter at rest, basking in the morning’s light…

Black Ferrari 599 coupe_side view with reflections_cars&coffee/irvine_November 30, 2013

Returning to Porsche row, I came across another frequent visitor; this beautiful Irish Green 1968 Porsche 912, complete with reflections defining the contours of its front hood and fenders.

1968 Irish Green Porsche 912_hood reflections_Cars&coffee/Irvine_November 30, 2013

One of the late arrivals to the featured lot seen below. A black Ford GT 40 Mk II recreation, shining like a mirror, enhanced by the spectacular, form defining reflections.

Black Ford MK 2 GT 40 recreation_3/4 rear fender view_cars&coffee/irvine_November 30, 2013

And last but not least, a beautifully maintained, India Red Porsche 911 SC, complete with its German license plate below.

India Red Porsche 911SC coupe_front view_cars&coffee/irvine_November 30, 2013

Come to think of it, I did see a large, jolly looking man in a red coat and white beard  casually walking through the crowd that morning. Could this license plate be a clue to his identity?

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all…

(All photos by the author)

The 2013 LA Auto Show; Heavy crowds and a lack of parking, yet Porsche rocked Petree Hall with a brace of debuts…

Let me begin this post by noting that our trip to this years LA Auto Show 2013 came very close to not occurring at all. In the past, we have always arrived on opening day, just prior to the doors opening, and as a result have never had a problem with parking. However, this year we were unable to arrive until after 1 PM. So imagine my dismay, after circling the convention center for close to 40 minutes, trying to find parking, moving from lot to lot, waiting in line only to have the lot close down three cars in front of us. The few remaining lots that were open, ironically right across the street from the convention center, were charging $40.00 to park. Finally, my son and his girlfriend came to the rescue, and after a brief cell call, we drove several miles south from the Convention Center, where we met up with them at a parking structure, paid our $10.00 fee, phoned the service “Uber”, and got a ride back up to the convention center. By 2 PM, the four of us finally arrived and entered the show amid a crush of like-minded people. Attendance at this years show took on extra meaning, since both my wife and son had come with the intent of shopping for a new car.

In the past, our show strategy has always been to start by visiting the West Hall and the Petree Hall / Porsche exhibit first, and from there we would explore the remaining exhibit halls. However, this year we started the process in reverse, by beginning our visit at the South Hall and concluding our visit at Petree Hall, with the Porsche exhibit saved for last.

Prior to this years LA Auto Show, Porsche let it be known within the Southern California Porsche community that they were looking for a 1989 Porsche 930 Turbo cabriolet, for inclusion into this years 2013 Porsche at Petree Hall display. Obviously, they were successful in their quest, as witnessed by the Grand Prix white 1989 911 Turbo Cabriolet on display just outside of the main entrance into the Porsche exhibit (as seen below). Once inside, the intent of this 911 Turbo Cabriolet display made perfect sense.

Grand Prix white 1989 Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet_3/4 front view_LA Auto show_November 23, 2013

Parked just inside and to the immediate left of the entrance was the first of several debuts as seen below; in this case the world premier of Porsches new 911 Turbo Cabriolet for 2014.

World premier, Silver 2014 Porsche Type 991, 911 Turbo Cabriolet_ front view_LA Auto show_November 23, 2013

And parked to its immediate right, another model also made its world debut: a white 911 Turbo S Cabriolet, flanked by the silver, 2014 Porsche 991 GT3 coupe (as seen below).

World premier, White 2014 Porsche Type 991, 911 Turbo S Cabriolet & 2014 Silver GT3_ 3/4 rear view_LA Auto show_November 23, 2013

However, as you can probably tell, my attention was fixed more on one of my favorite Porsche models. I was finally face to face with the new, 2014 type 991 Porsche GT3.

 2014 Silver Porsche GT3_ front view_LA Auto show_November 23, 2013

The photos that I’d seen in magazines of the new GT3 just didn’t do the car justice. However, seeing it in person made a greater impression, as it definitely exudes the “race car for the street” vibe, confirming impressions made and written about by those fortunate enough to have driven the brand new 2014 GT3.

 2014 Silver Porsche GT3_ 3/4 front view_LA Auto show_November 23, 2013

Alluring from any angle…

 2014 Silver Porsche GT3_ 3/4 side view_LA Auto show_November 23, 2013

An up-close look at the GT3’s new for 2014 wheel and tire combo;12J X 20 rear forged alloy center-lock wheel, clad in the newly created 305/30ZR20 Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tire (as seen below).

 2014 Silver Porsche GT3_ rear center lock wheel and yellow PCCB brake caliper and cross drilled rotors_LA Auto show_November 23, 2013

This particular GT3 has also been optioned with Porsches top of the line PCCB (“Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake”) system. Porsche has long used color to visually distinguish the difference between their high performance brake packages. In the case of the ultra high performance / race track focused PCCB brake option, the calipers are painted bright yellow, and matched to their cross drilled, carbon ceramic rotors. The standard (stock) GT3 brake package consists of red calipers, matched with cross drilled steel rotors which appear to be better suited for cars not destined to see track days.

 2014 Silver Porsche GT3_ rear view_LA Auto show_November 23, 2013

The 20 inch wheel / tire combination found on the 2014 GT3 definitely fills out the wheel wells, and are reportedly a key factor to the new models handling, over that of the previous GT3 model equipped with 19 inch wheels.

 2014 Silver Porsche GT3_ 3/4 front view with 2014 991 Turbo S cabriolet in background_LA Auto show_November 23, 2013

Another unique type 991 model on display, and parked immediately to the right of the GT3, was this 2014 50th Anniversary Edition as seen below, built to celebrate 50 years of Porsche 911 production and evolution.

2014, 50th Anniversary Edition Porsche 991_ front view_LA Auto show_November 23, 2013

If you look closely, you can see several carry-over design details incorporated into this 50th anniversary edition model, borrowed from the earliest 911 models of the mid 1960’s. Two of the most obvious design details ( influences) can be seen in the new wheels, which appear to be a stylized variation on the original 5 spoke Fuchs alloy wheel. On the interior, the prominent visual detail is the use of a houndstooth patterned fabric for the front and rear seat inserts, similar in concept to how many of the original Porsche 911s had been delivered. Granted two small design details, yet each carrying unique Porsche 911 DNA, forever linked to the early 911 models that made their debut 50 years ago.

2014, 50th Anniversary Edition Porsche 991_ 3/4 front view_LA Auto show_November 23, 2013

Out back, another visual cue taken directly from the original 911; the silver brushed metal trim making up the rear engine decklid grill (reinterpreted for 2014), along with the lower horizontal accent vent trim, positioned just below the rear decklid and between the rear tail lights.

2014, 50th Anniversary Edition Porsche 991_ 3/4 rear view_LA Auto show_November 23, 2013

A look at the unique, 50th Anniversary Edition commemorative badging, celebrating the Porsche 911s production milestone.

2014 50th Anniversary Edition Porsche 991_ rear view, detail of 911 50th anniversary logo_LA Auto show_November 23, 2013

I had read that Porsche would be displaying their 918 Spyder at this years show, so after looking around Petree Hall, I assumed that the huge crowd standing opposite from me, focusing their attention on a glass room must have found the 918 Spyder. As I approached the glassed – off enclosure, I could see that the sole occupant being displayed was in fact the 918 Spyder. From all the press leading up to this years auto show, I had hoped that Porsche would debut their new 918 Spyder at his show. And now here it was in person…

2014 Porsche 918 Spyder_3/4 front view_LA Auto show_November 23, 2013

For comparison, below are several photos that I shot during Porsches Rennsport Reunion IV back in October 2011, of the 918 RSR concept car in development at the time.

918 RSR_3/4 front view_Rennsport ReunionIV_Oct 14-16,2011

918 RSR_front view_Rennsport reunion IV_October 2011

918 RSR_3/4 rear view_Rennsport ReunionIV_Oct 14-16,2011

What is interesting to note are the design elements and styling cues seen in the 918 RSR concept that Porsche chose to keep, and other features that Porsche elected to redesign. However, in typical Porsche fashion, the final iteration of the 918 Spyder displayed at the LA Auto Show still retained the genetics of the Porsche 918 RSR, yet had taken a substantial step towards the future by incorporating its race developed hybrid technology (an adaptation of its KERS / “kinetic energy recovery system”). This set- up also included the addition of an electric drive motor to each front wheel, all integrated into its latest super car for the street.

Representing yet another vehicle infused with Porsches hybrid technology, was the silver Panamera S E-Hybrid seen below; Porsches first luxury plug-in hybrid. Externally, two visual clues that reveal the cars dual identity are the subtle hybrid badges found on the front doors, as well as the color coded, day – glow fluorescent green brake calipers. Porsche has adopted this fluorescent, day glow green color as an identification marker on their hybrid models.

Silver 2014 Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid_3/4 front view_LA Auto Show_November 23, 2013

2014 Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid_ front wheel with day-glow green brake caliper_LA Auto Show_November 23, 2013

The last of the Porsche models making its debut at this years show was the brand new Macan. This new model represents Porsches venture into the smaller scaled SUV market, apparently designed to fill the void niche below its larger sibling, the Porsche Cayenne.

Blue 2014 Porsche Macan_3/4 front view_LA Auto Show_ November 23, 2013

Blue 2014 Porsche Macan_3/4 rear view_LA Auto Show_ November 23, 2013

Blue 2014 Porsche Macan_ rear view with badging and reflections_LA Auto Show_ November 23, 2013

Given the size of the crowd around the Macan display, and the lines at each vehicle just to sit inside, I suspect that Porsche will have another hit on their hands. Based upon the   younger demographic that I observed flocking to this vehicle, Porsche seems to have created a model that will appeal to the consumer who aspires to the Porsche brand, yet desire an SUV smaller than a Cayenne, while still retaining the looks of a Porsche.

Blue 2014 Porsche Macan_front view with open doors and reflections_LA Auto Show_ November 23, 2013

Given the sheer number of World Premiers and model debuts on display in Petree Hall, 2014 promises to be an impressive year for Porsche. And with their return to Le Mans in June of 2014 with a brand new LMP-1 prototype, and their continued development of the 991 based RSR and GT3 Cup race cars, who knows what Porsche will unveil next year at Petree Hall…


I suspect we’ll be seeing a lot of the Porsche marque during 2014…

(All photos by the author)