Finally, a brand new Porsche GT3 RS4.0 sighting, and the latest offerings from Dutchman Motorbikes…

Well it finally happened… a brand new Porsche GT3 RS4.0 sighting!

Saturday morning July 13 finally saw the end of my Porsche GT3 RS4.0 sightings drought. At half past 6, I watched as a white GT3 RS4.0 made its way through the parking lot in search of a space. As it passed by, I noticed that it wore a Montana license plate, which meant this would be a brand new RS4.0 to add to my spotters list. So after a brief search through the parking lot, I finally found the white RS4.0 in question.

White Porsche GT3RS4.0_side view_cars&coffee_ July 13, 2013

After giving the car a quick once-over, I headed  to the passenger side window in order to check out the dashboard plaque located on the glove box, identifying the cars series build number. It turned out that this car was number 513 out of the total production of 600 GT3 RS4.0 models. It also marks the eleventh RS4.0 that I have been fortunate enough to see in person, and currently represents the highest serial number I’ve encountered.

White Porsche GT3RS4.0_rear wing with Porsche graphic_cars&coffee_ July 13, 2013

Visually, the car appeared to be a stock RS4.0, with the model specific silver and red striping and graphics. However, when it came to the wheels, the owner obviously opted for black (as seen below), instead of the standard white or silver option wheels.

White Porsche GT3RS4.0_black wheel with yellow Porsche PCCB caliper rotor_cars&coffee_ July 13, 2013

White Porsche GT3RS4.0_rear view_cars&coffee_ July 13, 2013

White Porsche GT3RS4.0_angled, 3/4 front view_cars&coffee_ July 13, 2013

Located on the outside end of the next row over from the Porsche was another gathering of unique high performance vehicles; in this case the latest offerings from Dutchman Motorbikes…

Dutchman Motorbikes_group shot, lined up_cars&coffee_ July 13, 2013

Below is an example of one of Mark’s latest creations; a tribute to the late James Dean and his silver Porsche 550 Spyder.

Dutchman Motorbikes_James Dean tribute bike, 3/4 side view with Porsche background_cars&coffee_ July 13, 2013

The bike even included (in the form of an applied graphic on the hard tail), the nickname Dean had given his Porsche 550 Spyder…

Dutchman Motorbikes_James Dean tribute bike, hardtail tribute graphic_cars&coffee_ July 13, 2013

Two other bikes from this morning grouping also happened to share details (graphics and / or color) with several Porsche models that just happened to be present at the show that morning…

Dutchman Motorbikes_white Mobil oil graphics / bike and white Porsche 964 C2 targa w/graphic_cars&coffee_ July 13, 2013

Dutchman Motorbikes_Viper green Porsche GT3RS and lime green Dutchman Motorbike__cars&coffee_ July 13, 2013

For anyone interesting in checking out the latest offerings or to contact Mark at Dutchman Motorbikes, please check out this link to view his site.

Dutchman Motorbikes_black fuel tank and logo detail__cars&coffee_ July 13, 2013

And don’t be surprised if while attending August’s Monterey Historics, you encounter some of these very motorbikes serving as pit transportation for a number of race drivers and their teams…

(All photos by the author)


7 thoughts on “Finally, a brand new Porsche GT3 RS4.0 sighting, and the latest offerings from Dutchman Motorbikes…

  1. I need a bike, can I have one of those? The white one it`s my favorite, impressive design, definitely makes a splash on streets. I can imagine myself on one of those:)

    • Thank you for your email.
      I hope you checked out the website of Dutchnman motorbike, using the link that I provided. Mark has a great selection of motorbikes for sale should you be interested.
      I hope you enjoyed my blog post and hopefully Mark’s site as well.

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