The elusive white Porsche GT3 RS4.0 finally captured, and more…

Well, it finally happened Saturday morning. I finally came face to face with the elusive white Porsche GT3 RS4.0 that I have been chasing since December.  But first, the events that led up to my Saturday morning encounter…

The first part of my morning was spent making my way up and down Porsche row and visiting with friends (“the Porsche faithful”, aka members of the RGruppe). Project cars were on display, with discussions of ongoing restorations and techniques used, and with hoods, doors and deck lids opened to showcase the recent work. A prime example of this process was represented by the beautiful silver,1973 Porsche 911S seen below…

Silver European spec 1973 Porsche 911S & Polo Red 1966 911_Cars&Coffee/Irvine_1/14/12

This particular car is a European model, having been delivered by the French dealership Sonauto. This association was commemorated by the small metal badge affixed to the lower edge of the rear deck lid.

Silver European spec 1973 Porsche 911S_Sonauto rear deck badge_Cars&Coffee/Irvine_1/14/12

And tucked in beneath the rear deck lid was a beautifully restored, 2.7 liter Carrera RS motor. This was the motors first showing, since the completion of its cosmetic restoration as undertaken by the owner, with a re-sealing of the motor performed by ex IMSA racer Wayne Baker out of San Diego, California.  This motor was spotless, and looked like it had just rolled off of the assembly bench in Stuttgart, circa 1973.

Silver european spec 1973 Porsche 911S_2.7 motor_Cars&Coffee/Irvine_1/14/12

Silver european spec 1973 Porsche 911S_2.7 motor_Cars&Coffee/Irvine_1/14/12

Up front the same attention to detail was carried through to the assembly of the european spec (French) amber headlights and fog lights. The headlights had been restored using a combination of period and backdated parts; rings, buckets and clips, and highlighted by the rare Cibie Biode headlights, but in this case the proper amber-colored (French) units.

Silver european spec 1973 Porsche 911S_amber headlights & fog lights_Cars&Coffee/Irvine_1/14/12

The front trunk lid was then opened to reveal its contents; a new, plastic molded fuel tank, visually perfect and Porsche correct, but re-manufactured using present day technologies, which included a date stamped of 2011, and serves as a direct,  bolt- in replacement for the original 39-year-old fuel tank. And as the photo illustrates, the finish and detail found within the trunk, was equal to the attention paid the rest of the car.

Silver european spec 1973 Porsche 911S_front trunk_Cars&Coffee/Irvine_1/14/12

Silver european spec 1973 Porsche 911S_Cars&Coffee/Irvine_1/14/12

And parked one spot over to drivers left, was this equally impressive Polo red 1966 911, showcasing a beautifully restored 2.0 liter motor…

Polo red 1966 Porsche 911_engine detail_Cars&Coffee.Irvine-1/14/12

And parked to the left of the 1966 911, was this beautifully restored Tangerine colored Porsche 914-6; yet another car that appeared to have just rolled off the assembly line in Germany…

"Tangerine" 1970 Porsche 914-6_Cars&Coffee/Irvine_1/14/12

After completing my journey down Porsche row, it was time to check out the remaining cars on site. My next stop would be the parking area immediately to the right of the main entrance. And on this Saturday morning, said lot had a very decidedly British flavor. Tucked back into opposing corners of the lot was a collection of Triumph sports cars, and aligned right next to the Triumphs, was an equally impressive collection of Austin Healey roadsters.

Triumph sports cars_Cars&Coffee/Irvine_1/14/12

Triumph TR3 with Austin Healeys in the background_Cars&Coffee/Irvine_1/14/12

And believe it or not, classics wrapped in domestic sheet metal also attend the show each week. Below is an example of an all american made classic; a 1946 Ford woody wagon…

And over in another section of the parking lot was this classic, two – toned Buick  “Caballero” station wagon…

And tucked in by the entry to this portion of parking lot, was this very cool, red 289 F.I. A. spec’d Shelby Cobra…

Red Shelby Cobra_289 F.I.A. spec model_Cars&Coffee/Irvine_1/14/12

Red Shelby Cobra_289 F.I.A. spec model_motor_Cars&Coffee/Irvine_1/14/12

Red Shelby Cobra_289 F.I.A. spec model_Interior_Cars&Coffee/Irvine_1/14/12

Red Shelby Cobra_289 F.I.A. spec model_Cars&Coffee/Irvine_1/14/12

After completing a thorough review of the Cobra, I headed out toward the center of the lot to see what other surprise awaited, and I was not disappointed.  Parked next to a lime green Lamborghini Gallardo, was this Carbon black on red McLaren MP4-12C, once again brought out to the show by Newport Beach McLaren. This is the first Carbon black MP4-12C that I have seen, and this color really compliments the contours and body lines. Black McLaren MP4-12C_Cars&Coffee/Irvine_1/14/12

Another subtle detail was the inclusion of the “Stealth ” finished wheels, which were in turn set off by the visual “pop” of the bright red calipers…

Black McLaren MP4-12C_w/Stealth finished wheels and red caliper_Cars&Coffee/Irvine_1/14/12

…which in turn was carried over into the black interior and integrated as red leather sport seats with black inserts, and the red dash and door accent trim.

Black McLaren MP4-12C_w/ black & red Interior_Cars&Coffee/Irvine_1/14/12

Parked several rows beyond the McLaren, was another black beauty; in this case a beautiful black on red, Mercedes-Benz 300 SL roadster, wearing its optional hardtop…

Black over red_Mercedes Benz 300SL roadster w/ hardtop_Cars&Coffee/Irvine_1/14/12

And two spaces down from the 300SL, was this equally impressive black on tan Mercedes-Benz 190 SL roadster…

Black on tan_Mercedes Benz 190 SL roadster_Cars&Coffee/Irvine_1/14/12

Black on tan_Mercedes Benz 190 SL roadster_Interior_Cars&Coffee/Irvine_1/14/12

Black on tan_Mercedes Benz 190 SL roadster_Cars&Coffee/Irvine_1/14/12

As I made my way through the several remaining rows yet unexplored, and just as I rounded the end of the previous row, I spotted a white Porsche 997 parked half way up on the left side, sandwiched between two cars. As I approached, the car to the left pulled out, revealing GT3 RS4.0 graphics on the side of the white Porsche. Could this be the RS 4.0 that I had seen back in December? It  had the optional silver wheels which I remembered seeing, but the proof would be its license plate. Sure enough, the California license plate on the back confirmed to me that I had finally caught up with my elusive GT3 RS4.0.

White 2011 Porsche GT3 RS4.0_Cars&Coffee/Irvine_1/14/12

As I waited to speak with the owner, I stepped back to admire the RS 4.0, and add some more photographs to my GT3 RS 4.0 collection…

White 2011 Porsche GT3 RS4.0_Cars&Coffee/Irvine_1/14/12

White 2011 Porsche GT3 RS4.0_Cars&Coffee/Irvine_1/14/12

White 2011 Porsche GT3 RS4.0_w/optional silver wheel_Cars&Coffee/Irvine_1/14/12

White 2011 Porsche GT3 RS4.0_Cars&Coffee/Irvine_1/14/12

White 2011 Porsche GT3 RS4.0_Cars&Coffee/Irvine_1/14/12

White 2011 Porsche GT3 RS4.0_rear wing_Cars&Coffee/Irvine_1/14/12

Once the owner had finished his conversation, I approached and introduced myself, and shared with him my interest in the Porsche GT3 RS4.0 model. I told him of seeing my first RS 4.0 on display at the Porsche Rennsport Reunion IV, and about my success in having spotted four other GT3 RS 4.0’s since Porsche Rennsport Reunion IV held back in October. Seeing his car today would now bring my grand total up to five cars. I also shared how amazing it has been for me to have personally seen this many, given their very limited production (only 600 worldwide). Obviously, my next question was to ask if he could share with me the series number of his car. The owner was gracious enough to reveal that his car is # 270.

White 2011 Porsche GT3 RS4.0_Cars&Coffee/Irvine_1/14/12

After our conversation, two gentlemen standing nearby approached, obviously friends of the owner, to discuss some work planned for his RS4.0. The two men turned out to be the owners of the performance tuning company “GMG” / Global Motorsports Group (James Sofronas and Fabryce Kutyba), based in nearby Santa Ana, California. My interests in the Porsche GT3 RS 4.0 were once again shared with them, and as a result I learned that there may be several additional RS 4.0 models residing right here in Orange County.

Now all I have to do is hope they find their way to Cars&Coffee…

(All photos by the author)