It was only a matter of time…

Looking back over the past five years of my weekly participation in one of the local car shows, there have only been a handful of mornings that I can remember where one single car has generated the amount of interest, as the car seen below did the weekend of June 8th…

1928 Ford Model A pickup / BMW powered hot rod_Side view_Cars&Coffee_ June 8, 2013

As this low slung hot rod made its way into the parking lot, ushered in by the rumble of its motor, it was greeted by a gathering crowd waiting for it to stop and park, in order to get a better look at this mysterious vehicle. As I approached, there was something familiar about this hot rod. And then it hit me… I had seen this very same vehicle featured in a video several weeks prior, along with an accompanying article written by its owner / builder; collectively they showcase the performance capabilities and describe the inspiration and influences behind this build, posted together on the website StanceWorks.

1928 Ford Model A pickup / BMW powered hot rod_3/4 angled front view_Cars&Coffee_ June 8, 2013

The foundation of this creation is based upon a 1928 Ford Model A pickup, but when it came to choosing a motor, the owner/ builder ignored the traditional selection process and instead took a european detour, incorporating a brand he was very familiar and successful working with; BMW, and picked one of their M60, 4.0 liter OHC V8’s, harvested from a 1995 BMW 740 donor car.

Ford Model A pickup / BMW powered hot rod_BMW M60, 4.0 liter OHC V8 detail_Cars&Coffee_ June 8, 2013

Walking around the pickup, there was evidence of other subtle BMW influences…

1928 Ford Model A pickup / BMW powered hot rod_rear view_Cars&Coffee_ June 8, 2013

In addition to the motor, the next most visible, German automotive inspired detail were the unorthodox, highly modified 4″ X 17″ BBS / RS wheels as seen below, wrapped in a set of skinny, Excelsior Competition V tires.

1928 Ford Model A pickup / BMW powered hot rod_customized BBS/RS  rear wheel on Excelsior Competition V tire_Cars&Coffee_ June 8, 2013

And enveloping the entire car was a dusting of dried lake bed silt, still clinging to the pickup after its recent foray to El Mirage for its video shoot.

1928 Ford Model A pickup / BMW powered hot rod_Front view_Cars&Coffee_ June 8, 2013

So rather than my attempting to summarize the owner / builders narrative, or sharing more photos from my own encounter, I would suggest checking out the video and build description as penned by the owner, in addition to the beautiful photography included with the narrative, via this link.

I hope you enjoy the back story and visual imagery as much as I did, and come away with an insight into a decidedly different approach to hot rodding; It was only a matter of time…

(All photos by the author)