Apple’s iPorsche of 1980

With all of the commotion over today’s release of  Apple’s 4S iPhone,  few people will remember one of their earlier contributions made to the world of Motorsports; the iPorsche 935. The following photos are evidence of this previous collaboration, as witnessed at Riverside Raceway in April of 1980.

Apple  Porsche 935, Riverside Raceway _Apr80

Apple iPorsche 935, Riverside Raceway _Apr80Apple iPorsche 935, Bobby Rahal, RiversideRaceway_Apr80Apple  Porsche 935, Riverside Raceway _Apr80Apple Porsche 935,Riverside Raceway _Apr80Apple Porsche 935,Riverside Raceway _Apr80Apple Porsche 935, Riverside Raceway _Apr80And funny how an endurance race pace could suddenly change, and turn into an all out Sprint…

(All photos by the author)