digitaldtour turns 2…

Porsche 917 K_Bruce Canepa Collection_Rennsport Reunion iV_ October 2011

9/17/2013… Hard to believe that two years ago to the day, my blog digitaldtour was published for the very first time on And now, I would once again like to thank all of my followers for your continued support and feedback, both by email as well as conversations in person regarding my previous 101 blog posts. I also hope that you will find my future postings to be both informative and entertaining.

2014 promises to be another incredible automotive year,especially if you like Porsches and I look forward to sharing my automotive adventures and discoveries, so please stay tuned…

(All photos by the author)


4 thoughts on “digitaldtour turns 2…

  1. Might I ask about your success? I’ve been at this since December. I have 41 followers and have had over 5000 views. Loving writing about cars and their history in the heritage of my family, I’m wondering if these stats are good, average, or neither. Thanks and keep up the good work.

    • Thanks for the comments.
      The stats that you have shared appear to be good, especially given the relatively short time that you have been writing.
      As long as you enjoy the writing and creative process, you will continue to develop a following, and your numbers will continue to improve. Best of luck going forward with your blog.

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