“All good things got to come to an end”…Porsche Rennsport Reunion IV, Part 7

As my son and I continued our trek through the Porsche parking corral, we came across even more clusters of GT3’s. I was now on GT3 overload, and here in front of me sat my personal dream car, a 2011 GT3 3.8 model (my favorite) in silver on black, sandwiched between two earlier GT3’s…

2009 & 2010 GT3's _Rennsport Reunion 4_10/16/11

A little further down the row, we found a solo example of a 2011 GT2RS, parked well away from the GT3’s.

2011 GT2RS_Rennsport Reunion 4_10/16/112011 GT2RS_Rennsport Reunion 4_10/16/11And then a couple more GT3RS’s thrown in for good measure…

GT3RS_Rennsport Reunion 4_10/16/11

GT3RS_Rennsport Reunion 4_10/16/11At the other end of the Porsche corral, we encountered what had to be a one -off, “sample to match”, painted 997 (see photo below). The only other time I have seen a Porsche even close to this color, was my friend Ian’s 964, a right hand drive model built for the Hong Kong  market.

Porsche 997, paint to sample color_Rennsport Reunion 4_10/16/11

But now it was time to watch the Group 3 race, so we headed off to turn 2 to catch the start.  The following images are just a few from the race:

1969 Porsche 917K_Bruce Canepa_Group 3_ Rennsport Reunion 4_10/16/111969 Porsche 908_Joe Buzzetta_Group 3_Rennsport Reunion 4_10/16/111969 Porsche 917_Gijs Van Lennep_Group 3_Rennsport Reunion 4_10/16/111966 906_Jeff Zwart_Group 3_Rennsport reunion 4_10/16/111968 908K_Cameron Healy_Gropu 3_Rennsport Reunion 4_10/16/111966 906_Michael Reischl_Group3_Rennsport Reunion 4_10/16/111969 908_Joe Buzzetta_Group 3_Rennsport Reunion 4_10/16/111971 908/3_Brian Redman_Group 3_Rennsport Reunion 4_10/16/11

By the time the race ended, it was noon, and the Porsche owners who had signed up for the on track “parade laps” were being staged within the Porsche corral area, and arranged in rows to enter the track, starting from turn 5.

Parade Laps_Rennsport Reunion 4_10/16/11

GT3RS_Parade Laps_Rennsport Reunion 4_10/16/11Porsche 993_Parade Laps_Rennsport Reunion 4_10/16/11GT3RS_Parade Laps_Rennsport Reunion 4_10/16/11GT3_Parade Laps_Rennsport Reunion 4_10/16/11997_Parade Laps_Rennsport Reunion 4_10/16/111968 911_Parade Laps_Rennsport Reunion 4_10/16/11GT3_Parade Laps_Rennsport Reunion 4_10/16/11GT3RS_Parade Laps_Rennsport Reunion 4_10/16/11550 coupe_Parade Laps_Rennsport Reunion 4_10/16/11Once the parade laps were done, two of the new 2012 Porsche 991’s were unleashed onto the track for some fast laps; below the red, 2012  Porsche 991 at speed, turn 5.

2012 Porsche 991_ hot lapping_Rennsport Reunion 4_10/16/11When they had finished their laps and came off the track, we headed back to Cayman island for one last look at two friends cars that had been on display in the 911 chronology display.

1973 Carrera RS_Rennsport Reunion 4_10/16/11

Polo Red 1966 911_Rennsport Reunion 4_10/16/11For our last race of the day, we decided to watch from the grandstands located between turn 11 and the start/ finish line.  The next class scheduled was Group 6, a mixed class of 911’s and the “Cayman Interseries”cars…

Group six_turn 11_Rennsport Reunion 4_10/16/11

Group six_turn 11_Rennsport Reunion 4_10/16/11Group six_Cayman Interseries_turn 11_Rennsport Reunion 4_10/16/11Group six_Cayman Interseries_turn 11_Rennsport Reunion 4_10/16/11Group six_Cayman Interseries_turn 11_Rennsport Reunion 4_10/16/11GT3 Cup car_Group six_Rennsport Reunion 4_10/16/11And with that, our Porsche Rennsport Reunion 4 weekend came to an end. It was an incredible 3 days, and an experience that I was fortunate enough to experience and share with my son.

The sign out front had predicted an epic weekend, and delivered beyond all expectations. And based upon the reported overwhelming success of this event, I suspect that we will all have in three years time, the opportunity to once again return to Laguna Seca Raceway, and experience Porsche’s Rennsport Reunion V…

(All photos by the author)

(P.S. – SPEED TV began broadcasting their one hour coverage of Rennsport Reunion IV today  / November 13.   Their broadcast scheduling is as follows /all times shown are Pacific Time):

November 13 -Noon  ( I caught today’s broadcast – Excellent coverage by SPEED TV)

Monday November 14 -Midnight

Saturday November 19 -1 PM

Wednesday November 30 -11 PM

Thursday December 1 -1 AM


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