Every day you’ll see the dust (too much, the magic bus)

VW bus, wheel reflection, O.C.T.O. winterfest, Feb 2011Yes, the Type 2 transporters (VW buses) in all of their permutations can be magic. From the Split Screens, Bay Window buses, panel vans, single cabs, dual cabs, Kombi’s, and every other model in between, there is literally something for everyone.

To witness this magic firsthand, one simply needs to locate one of the local VW bus clubs and attend one of their shows. You can be guaranteed of seeing an amazing cross-section of  models in just above every condition; the recently discovered  “barn -finds”, or the solid, original buses with OG paint (with just the right amount patina), to the fully restored, factory correct time capsules  ( accurate representations with the proper paint color / combinations), period correct interiors, with the proper upholstery materials and trim, right down to the bone stock, original motor. Then there are the two remaining groups that may be frowned upon by the purists; owners of the fully customized, personal interpretation of what a transporter can be, or the owners of the borderline “OG  / I found it in a field after 40 years, rusting away” transporters. Personally, I have a hard time understanding the latter groups  philosophy of not restoring and preserving (if possible) these older rusty transporters.

Regardless of your personal preferences towards type 2 transporters,  you are assured of finding an example that will meet or exceed your expectations at any of the local shows in your area. These photos are just a small representation of the type 2 transporters found here in Southern California. Now it’s your turn to look for your magic bus…

Florida VW dual cab, cars&coffee / Irvine_2010

Dual cab , florida bus, O.C.T. O. fest, october 2010O.C.T.O. fest show,  Huntington beach, CA.,October 2010Safari window bus, O.C.T.O. fest, Huntington beach, CA, October 2010VW bus / OG rust, O.C.T.O. Fest, october 2010VW bus, OG rust&paint, O.C.T.O. fest, October 2010VW bus, custom, O.C.T.O. fest, October 2010VW bus, custom O.C.T.O. fest, October 2010VW bus, custom, O.C.T.O fest, October 2010VW bus, custom,O.C.T.O. fest, October 2010VW bus, turbo motor,O.C.T.O. fest, October 2010VW bus, sealing wax red,O/C.T.O. winterfest, Feb 2011VW bus, sealing wax red headlight,O.C.T.O. winterfest, Feb 2011VW single cab, O.C.T.O. winterfest, OCtober 2011VW bus, O.C.T.O., winterfest, Feb 2011Hot dog Fred bus, chip Foose overhaulin, July 2008(All photos by the author)


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